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What's Happening!     Spring 2021

Here is the CD called "IRISH COMPANIONS" that has "Danny Boy" from Jane's recent Video...

It is full of Irish treasured songs like: Where the River Shannon Flows, Fields of Athenry, I'll Tell Me Ma,

Danny Boy,

I"ll Take You Home Again Kathleen, The German Clock Winder, Minstrel Boy, Wild Rover, Whiskey in the Jar

15 selections



a CD full of magical, Jane's original and beautiful Irish Songs





Jane's Premier CD

Danny Boy, Loch Lomond, Bonnie Dundee, Ye Banks & Braes O'Bonnie Doon, Carrick Fergus,

Skye Boat Song, Coockles & Mussels, The Lark in the Morning, Spinning Song,  Scots Wae Hae,

Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Annie Laurie, more....

Hearts & Roses - CD $15.00




"FIRST OUT, My Life on the Cog Railway 1974-1986"

by Jonathan Hively Book & CD - $24.95


"FIRST OUT" is an AWESOME Present for yourself or a friend,

a member of the family, or train lover!

120 pages and the book includes a bonus CD,

where Jon elaborates on his stories

and also includes unique music from his Victrola collections and more.

"I really enjoyed it" - S. F. Carlton   Holyoke, MA.

"Great Book!" - T. Herbert  Richmond, VA.



  Jane is a creative story teller. 

This year, Jane celebrates her best friends or "BFFs"

with two story books about and for DOGs. 


Bedtime Stories for Dogs

is a book of twelve short stories that dogs find fascinating

because each story has lots of words and expressions they will recognize.

( It would have been easier to write stories that interested me,

but that was not the intention. If I did this, I would have hoped that my body language

would calm them as I was calm,

and this may have been a good intention.

But what I really wanted was to read stories to my pals that would actually interest them

A new and revolutionary concept.

So that is why these stories may seem a bit primitive, because they are.)



"a sensational new concept in interspecies communication!" an avid listener


Twelve stories that your Dog will understand and love

It is best read by yourself or the owner,

but if you feel like sitting back and listening, too,

Jane reads with harp background music on an included CD.

a great gift for your Dog Lover Friends and Family!

Bedtme Stories for Dogs BK & CD $15.00



                             "Wee Geordie's CHRISTMAS"

This year we have a brand new printing of this classic story. 

This charming story is about a very little (wee) dog

who asks for the same present each year

and never gets it,... until...

This is fun to share and read to others around Christmas time!

It was read at the Christmas Eve Midnight Service in North Conway one year

and it made so many people smile with its loving little message.

Jane reads the story on CD and composed a song for the story

for folks to enjoy singing along with as well.


BK & CD - $15.00



 And if you'd like the..."DOUBLE DOG" SPECIAL

You can get both: "Bedtime Stories for Dogs" BK & CD

and "Wee Geordie's Christmas" BK & CD

for only $22.00




THOMAS EDISON'S Birthday is February 11th


Jonathan Hively is Thomas Edison!

Thomas Alva Edison, Living-History Presentation

Have a "LIVE" Thomas Edison Presentation for your group, library, school, historical society.

"Fascinating! I learned so much!"  - enthusiastic attendee

Interested?  Click here! with your questions..mtnstreamsmusic@gmail.com

New loop potholders for the Holiday Festivities!

To see more click on Potholders 


 New Sheet Music

Two beautiful folk songs that Jane has recorded

and now written out as sheet music for you

Ilka Blade o'Grass (every blade of grass)

which is on Jane's "Greenwood Magic" CD


Forget Not the Angels

which is on Jane's "Silver Apples" CD


"Ilka Blade o'Grass" &  "Forget Not the Angels"

both pieces come for Voice and Harp, and Harp solo

Sheet music - $12.00




Smilin' Thru


Jane sings her original songs: Your Girl, Waterproof Smiles, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (Wordsworth) 

featuring...ZIP ZAP!

and Early Riser, Fiddler's Green, If You Sing an Irish Song, My Wild Irish Rose,

and French: La Vie en Rose. Comme Moi

Smilin' Thru  - CD $15.00




Jane Wilcox Hively sings with harp, guitar and keyboard

Panis Angelicus, Ave Maria, This is My Father's World, Amazing Grace

The Lord's Prayer, Whispering Hope, In the Garden, For the Beauty of the Earth,  more...




Note Card Variety Packs

10 cards with envelopes

Six Favorite Scenes in New Hampshire Note Cards

set of 12 cards with envelopes

1. Mt. Washington

2. Mt. Cranmore

3. Cabin Kitchen in Albany, NH

4. White Horse Ledge

5. The Cog Railway

6. Swift River Bridge



Six Favorite New Hampshire Scenes

set of 12 Note Cards (two of each image) with envelopes - $14.00







Beautiful Lady - CD 

Vocal and harp solos

The Castle of Dromore, Puccini, La Vie en Rose, Songs My Mother Taught Me,

Josefin's Waltz, Cherish The Ladies, more

Beautiful Lady - CD  $15.00

Jane sings with harp