When Jon is not bagpiping in a magical Mountain Streams Concert, or lecturing on his colorful days as engineer on The Cog Railway up Mt. Washington, he exercises his lifetime fascination

with Mr. Thomas A. Edison by portraying him in

Interpretative Lecture Demonstrations given to various, interested groups.

Jon is pictured above as the Guest Speaker "Thomas Edison" with authentic props

at the July 2010 Victorian Tea in Parsonsfield, Maine.


FOR MORE INFORMATION about rates and availability for having"MR. EDISON" SPEAK AT YOUR SPECIAL OCCASION CALL: #603-356-0716

OR EMAILmtnstreamsmusic@gmail.com


Thomas Alva Edison at Conway Public Library. 

Mr. Edison has recently appeared at Freedom Historical and Tamworth Historical Societies.

Mr. Edison demonstrates his "new fangled" inventions!

"It's a lot of fun and Jon's knowledge is uncanny and amazing." - attendee

"I have met several members of the original Edison family and so,... I have some 

true stories coming directly from the source." - Jon

"It's like Jon is channeling Edison, his knowledge is so thorough!"  -  attendee