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The Piper Trail - Jonathan Hively

  1. The Barren Rocks of Aden - The Nut Brown Maiden-My Love - She's But A Lassie Yet
  2. Highland Cathedral
  3. The Caubeen Trimmed in Blue- Garry Owen-The /Wearin' Of the Green'The Rakes of Mallow
  4. Down in the Valley-Red River Valley-I've Been Working On The Railroad
  5. All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border-Highland Laddie
  6. The Mucking of Geordie's Byre-Old Bean Waltz-The Back of Benachie
  7. The Dark Island
  8. Old One Hundredth
  9. Rock of Ages-Nearer My God To Thee
  10. Highland Cradle Song
  11. The Marine's Hymn
  12. A Man's A Man For A'That-Auld Lang Syne