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 LOOP   POT HOLDERS     by Jane

made by Jane for FUN and

consist of good quality Harrisville, New Hampshire LOOPS


Single potlholder -  $6.00

plus S&H at check out

Double potholders - $10.00

plus S&H at check out


Each potholder is a unique creation

so if they sell, they are gone.

(due to home photos with varying light,

the colors may appear here a little lighter or darker

than the actual potholders colors)

If you would like to request a custom potholder contact me at




Double Potholders:  Bright & Light  -$10.00




Double Potholders:  Red, White and Blue  -$10.00




Single Potholder:  Pastel Earthy Tones  -$6.00



sold #4 

Single Potholder:  Party Bright - $6.00




Single Potholder:  Holiday Bright - $6.00




Single Potholder:  Sophisticated Bright - $6.00



 sold #7

Double Potholders:  Festival Bright  - $10.00



sold #8   

Single Potholder:  Peachy Bright - $6.00


sold #9     

Single Potholder:  Mosiac Bright - $6.00




single Potholder:  Spring Pastel  - $6.00