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Musical CD Baskets


Each basket is custom made with CD of your choice

and may or may not include the items in these photos.

Basket items are personally chosen by Jane for the theme of your basket


International orders request shipping quote here: mtnstreamsmusic@gmail.com


We love to celebrate other wonderful Holidays,...such as

St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and more...


St. Patrick's Day Irish Basket     

with "Irish Companions" CD, a colorful mug filled with candy assortment,

votive candle, original beautiful Ireland photo Notecards w. envelopes,

a plush toy friend, spring faux flowers and soft yellow and green ribbons and lace.

St. Patrick's Day IRISH MUSICAL CD BASKET - $40.00



"I never would have thought of music as a Baby gift,

but...what a great idea!..and loved the entire basket!"

                                                                                                                                             - Florida customer


New Baby Musical CD Basket       

Comes with CD "Sunshine Songs" including "Twinkle, Twinkle", You are My Sunshine," and more!

plush Toy, soft blanket, Jane's original Note Cards with Baby Theme, potholder, candle, candies,

travel baby bottle and bib, and more Baby things!

New Baby "Sunshine Songs" Musical Basket - $40.00


      New Baby "Lullaby Garden" CD Musical Basket - $40.00  

CD includes world lullabies such as Rock-a-bye Baby, Brahms' Lullaby, Irish and French Lullabies, Highland Cradle Song

and Basket comes with soft blanket, plush Toy, candle, original note cards of Baby Themes, potholder and more



Fairy Time Musical CD Basket     

includes 'Fairy Time" CD which is all harp solos and a Shaker song sung by Jane called "Love is Little"

wonderful for settling down for naps or quiet times. Comes with plush Toy, Note Cards, Candies, Candle, potholder, more...

FAIRY Bear-y BASKET - $40.00



           French Christmas Musical CD Basket          


       CHANSONS DE NOEL BASKETJane sings Popular French Carols in French

 Basket comes with plush Toy wearing Beret,

faux Christmasy flowers, Jane's original Note Cards with French Subject,

 Candies,Tea, Candle, Potholder, more surprises...   


Chanson De Noel Basket - $40.00



Thank You Basket       

with "Spiritual Songs" CD, Plush Toy, Tea, Candle, Candies,

Jane's original note cards, Potholder, faux flowers and more...

Thank You "Spiritual Songs" Basket -  $40.00



You can pick any Mountain Streams CD for your Basket.

email us to discuss questions or your own ideas............. mtnstreamsmusic@gmail.com

and click on CD store for more CD choices... CDS Store


Be sure to send a PERSONAL MESSAGE with your basket.