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  meet....Jane Wilcox Hively - mezzo-soprano, harp, guitar and piano


Born in Fall River, Massachusetts and currently residing in North Conway, New Hampshire, Jane is a popular entertainer,

concertizer, teacher of voice, harp and guitar as well as choir and hand bell director, opera-musical play actress and director.

She has been professionally active as a graphic artist, oil painter and author of voice & harp instructional books

as well as creative short stories. She is also an accomplished recording artist and recording engineer.


Jane received a Bachelor of Music from Boston University, a Masters of Music from Schiller College-Strasbourg, France

and a Post-Graduate Certificate from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, England. 

She has supplemented her studies with participation in theaterical apprentice programs on Cape Cod, Ma.,

Celtic studies at the College for Celtic Arts Studies in Nova Scotia and harp conferences at Williamsburg, Oberlin and Amherst colleges.

She has studied organ at The Portland Conservatory, Portland, Maine with Harold Stover.

Jane with her husband Jonathan, an accomplished actor, bagpiper and hammered dulcimer player, are the well known duo,

"Mountain Streams Music," which plays for countless special occasions and concerts. The New Hampshire Music Festival,

Cape Cod Artist Series, Hudson River of NY Writer's Group, St. Kieran's Arts Center, Saskatoon-Saskatchewan Arts

and Fryeburg Fair-Maine are just a few of the many venues that have welcomed the mastery of these accomplished performers. 

Jane has been a guest performer at Marlborough House of Buckingham Palace

and a soloist for two New Hampshire gubernatorial inaugurations. 

Her voice has been described as

"hauntingly beautiful," 

"one of the most beautiful voices being recorded today,"


"A talent of the first order."



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FOREVER HYMNS - rec. 2019 voice, harp, guitar hymns and gospel songs

BEAUTIFUL LADY - rec. 2018 voice, harp, guitar classical, traditional, original songs

CHRISTMAS COTTAGE - rec. 2017 Oxford Carols voice with harp

FAIRY TIME - rec. 2016 - harp solos and one unusual Shaker song

CHANSONS DE NOEL - harp & voice Carols sung in French rec. 2014

AULD COUNTRY VESPERS - rec. 2013 voice, harp-solos, sacred songs and tunes

HEARTS & ROSES - rec.1985-88 voice, harp, guitar  Irish and Scottish folk songs

GREENWOOD MAGIC - rec.1996 voice, harp, guitar songs from The British Isles

LULLABY GARDEN - rec. 1997 voice, harp, guitar songs-popular world lullabies

SPIRITUAL SONGS - rec. 2002 voice, harp, guitar hymns and gospel songs

GOD IS LOVE - rec. 2005 voice, harp, guitar hymns and gospelsongs

HYMNS - rec. 2008 solo harp renderings of 12 well known hymns

SONG OF THE MOUNTAIN HARP  rec. 1999 solo harp renderings of Irish, Scottish and original tunes

HARP FLIGHT rec.  2003  solo harp renderings of Irish, Scottish and original tunes

BURNS, THE GENTLE LOVER rec. 1985-2008 voice, harp, guitar songs of Robert Burns

GOD BLESS AMERICA  rec. 2002 voice, harp, guitar songs from America-USA

SILVER APPLES   rec. 2005 voice, harp, guitar original and traditional songs from The British Isles

IRISH COMPANIONS  rec. 2007  voice, harp, guitar songs from Ireland

IRELAND'S JOY - rec. 2012 voice, harp, guitar Irish favorites


VICTORIAN TEA  rec. 2009 voice, harp, guitar songs from the Victorian era in America

BROOK DELL  rec. 2011  original, traditional and contemporary harp solos

SMILIN' THRU  rec. 1977-2006  voice, harp, guitar original, Irish and popular songs

SUNSHINE SONGS  rec.  2010 voice, harp, guitar songs from American children's repetoire

HIGHLAND WEDDING  rec.2002 voice, harp, guitar songs and tunes from The British Isles and classical repetoire

CELTIC FLAIR   rec. 2010 voice, harp, guitar songs and tunes from Ireland, Scotland and England

ROYAL BEAUTY BRIGHT  rec. 1997 voice, harp, guitar traditional Christmas songs and readings

CHRISTMAS IN THE CASTLE   rec. 1999 voice, harp, guitar traditional Christmas songs and tunes and an original play

BIRDIES IN A CHERISTMAS TREE  rec. 2007 voice, harp, guitar songs and two spoken Christmas stories by Jane

MY MERRY LITTLE HARP  rec.2009 harp solos of popular Christmas music

WHISPERS OF CHRISTMAS: meditation harp for Christmas 2010

HOLIDAY SPICE rec. 2011 voice, harp, guitar songs from The British Isles, America and original material

FOUR MEDITATIONAL HARP CDS rec.2004-2013 harp improvisational music






A VISIT TO STAR ISLAND - rec. 2010 harp improvisationa



Original books and sheet music

LIGHT AND EASY CLASSICS FOR LEVER HARP  advanced beginner arrangment of favorite classical pieces 2014 Vol 1 & 2

SALUT D'AMOUR: by Elgar arr. Jane Wilcox Hively for Violin and Lever harp 2013

ETERNAL FATHER, STRONG TO SAVE-BE STILL MY SOUL: by Dykes & Sibelius arr. Jane Wilcox Hively Lever harp and voice  2013

THE SWAN by Saint-Saens arr. Jane Wilcox Hively: an advanced beginner duet for harp and melody instrument

SINGING WITH JANE: Voice Instruction with Vocal Exercise CD

HOW TO PLAY MEDITATIONAL HARP: original booklet on "how-to" harp improvisation