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Gift Certificates are available for products and services offered

at Mountain Streams Music



1.  Select your product or service

2.  email your request to us with your mailing information & details

3.  We will set up a custom payment on the link "PAYMENT PAGE"

some...Gift Certificate Ideas

  1. Performance Music for a special occasion   (email to discuss your request)
  2. Background Music for a special occasion   (email to discuss your request)
  3. Wedding Music (email to discuss your request)
  4. Singing, Harp, Piano, General Music Lessons $50.00 (45 minute to 1 hr. lesson)
  5. CDs -  $15.00 each
  6. Note Cards 10 pack w. envelopes - $14.00
  7. Pet Portraits  -  11" X 14" (email to discuss your request)
  8. Books/CD: "First Out, My Life on the Cog Railway" -$24.95
  9. Books/CD: "Singing With Jane" - $20.00
  10. Books/CD: "How to Play Meditational Harp" - $20.00
  11. "First Out" Lecture-Slide Show-Book Signing (email to discuss your request)
  12. "Living History Presentation" with Thomas Alva Edison (email to discuss your request)
  13. Art Commissions 11" X 14" (your favorite subject) (email to discuss your request)
  14. Computer Work with The Computer Man (email to discuss your request)


We will send a lovely decorative Gift Certicate

to you or your friend.

Call: 603-356-0716 to discuss or email us!